Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mapping the Conversational Geography of Word-of-Mouth in China

The conversational geography of word-of-mouth project is traveling to China!

A few months ago I was contacted by Paul Clark, an Assistant Professor at Okanagan College in British Columbia. In addition to his work in Canada, Paul teaches classes in Shanghai, China and is the Director for Shanghai Direct, a consulting firm that helps companies wanting to enter the Chinese market. He has followed my research on the mapping of everyday word-of-mouth conversations and asked if I was interested in collaborating on a small study with his students at Shanghai University.

After discussions about the best way to integrate the study into his Advertising and Promotions course we decided to have the students (n=70) use the Total Interactions and Word-of-Mouth Episode (TIWOME) worksheet to track the percentage of total conversations that include brand-related talk for a 7-day period. It will be fascinating to compare the results with the students from the U.S. population.

His students begin tracking their conversations next week and we hope to have it collected and analyzed within a couple weeks after that. Stay tuned for details!

My goal is to track the conversations all around the world using the diary-based TIWOME and Word-of-Mouth Episode Survey methodologies so if there are other professors who want to collaborate on similar projects please let me know.