Friday, May 05, 2006

Inviting My Research Blog Readers To Participate In My Class on Word-of-Mouth, Buzz, and Viral Marketing Communication

I would love to extend an invitation to readers of my research blog to also check out my teaching blog. I am gearing up for my new special topics course on Word-of-Mouth, Buzz, and Viral Marketing Communication and want you to participate via the blog.

I have been building this course from scratch over the past few weeks and am very excited about it. We will be learning about the academic research on word-of-mouth marketing and communication and also learn from some of the industry leaders who are building this field. We have a number of wonderful guest speakers joining us and we will be collaborating with some great companies in the space as part of a class project (visit the class blog to learn more!)

Students will also be blogging about the concepts and their experiences in the course and I hope to do a few podcasts of lectures as well.

So, if you're one of the 74 people out there that Feedburner tells me are subscribing to this feed (thanks so much by the way!) or if you're one of the 450 unique visitors per month that MapStats tells me about, then please add my teaching blog feed to your readers today!