Thursday, March 23, 2006

Slides for Talk: "Consumer-Generated Media: The Birth and Rise of the Word-of-Mouth Industry"

First of all, thanks to those who expressed interest in attending my recent public lecture on the birth and rise of the word-of-mouth industry. I had planned, and tried, to record it for a podcast but there were some technical difficulties :-(

So, I've added in very brief annotations to my slides to give a sense of what some of my points were. (The presentation was about 50 minutes so you might not have wanted to hear the whole thing anyway!). The annotations do make the slides a bit "busy" so I apologize in advance.

I would recommend looking through these if you are new to this emerging industry, though some of you with more familiarity might want to take a peek as well.

I certainly welcome comments and questions.

Download annotated slides here (PDF file; 4MB)

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