Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catch Me If You Can! Sneak Peek at ARF Presentation

The Advertising Research Foundation is hosting its Audience Measurement 3.0 conference this week in New York City. The theme they are using to promote the conference is "Catch Me If You Can."

The tagline reminds me of a toy we have for our 9-month old baby called the "Move and Crawl Ball" by vtech. You set it down on the floor and it rolls around while the baby tries to catch it, almost taunting the unsuspecting infant with "Wee! Catch me if you can!". Allyn got it as a gift from her great-grandparents and she loves it.

It's an apt parallel to how increasingly active and agile audiences go about their lives while advertisers try to "catch" their attention with their advertising initiatives.

Given this "Catch Me If You Can!" dynamic it's not a coincidence that I'll be speaking on a panel on consumer-to-consumer conversations at a conference devoted to advertising. The title of the panel is "Putting a Ruler on Buzz."

If you want to download the paper I'll be presenting you can do so from the ChatThreads ChatterBox blog.

Catch me in New York... if you can! :-)