Sunday, April 06, 2008

Calling all advanced Twitter users: Can one Twitter account mirror "tweets" that includes a reference to another account?

Still working on my @openwom experiment with Twitter and I need some help.

Here's what I want to do: when people pass-along or receive some type of word-of-mouth communication about an organization, brand, product, or service (especially those communication episodes that are not otherwise digitally trackable) I want them to be able to tweet about it by including "@openWOM" in their tweet (see my last blog post for details). This would be a way to make their offline and non-publicly available online WOM easily trackable by using a tool like Tweet Scan.

Tweet Scan allows people to create an RSS feed of a search query that would include @openWOM in it (like this). But the problem for Twitter users is that people using Twitter can't follow an RSS feed (to my knowledge); they can only follow other Twitter user accounts.

I was hoping that people could just "follow" @openWOM and get all the tweets from people who have included "@openWOM" in the tweet they made.

So, my question is, can one Twitter account (i.e., @openWOM) "mirror" tweets made by other Twitter users if the other user includes "@openWOM" in their Tweet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!