Monday, April 10, 2006

Having A Little Fun: Most Innovative Entries On My Download Registration Page

A couple of months ago I added a registration page to help track who was downloading my academic manuscripts, research reports, and surveys related to word-of-mouth marketing communication.

On the registration page I ask people for their name, institution, and e-mail address. Everytime somebody registers I get an e-mail with this information. Interestingly, my busiest days yet were January 19th and January 20th, 2006, which corresponded with the release of my "To Tell Or Not To Tell?" report on the role of disclosure in organized word-of-mouth marketing programs (over 200 registrations on those two days alone!).

In an attempt to respect people's legitimate concerns for privacy, and realizing that some people might feel "put off" by the idea of having to register, I made it clear that people didn't have to enter their real name and could blatantly make up information (as if they needed my permission!).

A lot of people just started entering "asdf" since that's one of the easier key combinations on a QWERTY keyboard. This was fine, but I got a bit bored by these, so I invited people to surprise me and make up some creative entries. I promised I would post the most innovative ones.

The response has been wonderful and I've pasted in my Top 10 below and even included some "honorable mentions." Feel free to comment and say if you would rank them different.

Name: fdsa
(ha ha ha, not very clever, but we'll give you the 10 spot.)

Name: Last minute assignment material
Institution: mental

Name: Donald Duck
Instutition: Duck and Roll

Name: I love Boston
Institution: Mass Art

Institution: University of Nothing

Name: Col. Mustard
Institution: Clue Research

Name: WMD
Institution: Liars Inc.

Name: MeTalks
Institution: YouListens

Name: Josephina Blow
Institution: Bubble Gum Heiress

Name: Average
Institution: LikeTheOthers

Honorable Mentions:

Name: Malcalypse the Elder
Institution: Discordian Society

Name: Buster, Keaton (not Dolly)
Institution: Bound for Trains
E-mail: the@general.nnw

Name: SpamFighter

Name: TBell
Institution: AlwaysLand

Name: Mickey
Institution: Walt Disney
Obviously I don't know who you are but thanks to everyone for having a little fun! :-)