Wednesday, July 02, 2008

NPR and the Bryant Park Project

If you like WOM and public radio then tune into the Bryant Park Project Thursday morning. I've been invited to speak about word of mouth marketing, measurement, and ethics. 

It will be a live show and I'll be interviewed by, er, I mean, have a conversation with, Mike Pesca (my last interview on NPR was taped so it should be fun to do a live show). 

The show promotes "conversations" rather than "interviews" as part of its more edgy style (interestingly, it's the only NPR show that I know of that is supported by PBR!). Not familiar with the program, learn more here.

I'm told the segment will air about 8:20 am ET or so, so tune in on your morning commute, or catch it online after it airs. 

UPDATE (7/3/2008): Here's the link to the podcast!