Monday, November 05, 2007

How Likely Would You Be To Recommend Net Promoter for WOM Research?

This is the question we are posing at the WOMMA Research Symposium in Las Vegas on 13 November. I wanted to plug this event at the Symposium in particular on my blog given all the discussions and controversy surrounding the net promoter score and discipline.

For example, over on the Attentio blog Bert Van Wassenhove commented that it was hard to know whose research to trust on this matter and asked: "Can somebody set up a debate between the two opponents so they can discuss at length. Make it a (video)Podcast so there is no time limit at all.”

I am a co-chair on the Research & Metrics Council for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and we have set up a panel for precisely this kind of discussion. Rather than a debate between two opponents we broadened the panel to include some other voices. You can view the agenda here.

Confirmed speakers are Deborah Eastman from Satmetrix; Tim Keiningham from Ipsos-Loyalty; and Matt McGlinn at BzzAgent. We’ll also be having a speaker who has used the net promoter approach in their company.

Given the interest in this topic I’ve asked WOMMA to make the audio recording available on their website after the event, which they agreed to do.