Monday, April 16, 2007

WOM Marketing for Visual and Performing Arts -- Call for Resources

If you're reading this and you know about examples of WOM marketing initiatives for the visual and performing arts please let me know.

I've been contacted by a graduate student at the Wisconsin School of Business, UW-Madison, Jennifer Post Tyler. She is with the Bolz Center for Arts Administration and is doing research on WOM marketing and the arts. She is especially interested in case study data for nonprofit or governmental arts organizations who have implemented programs to understand and harness WOM.

We've discussed a few resources, but if you know of any in this area please reply as a comment to this post or contact me via e-mail and I can put you in touch with Jennifer.

By the way, there is also a student at Lumsa University in Italy who is working on WOM initiatives with museums, so if you're also studying in this area I can make introductions so everyone can collaborate and share resources.

Thanks for your help!