Thursday, January 05, 2006

Put Your Money Where Your WOMMouth Is!

Anyone interested in attending the Word of Mouth Marketing Association "Basic Training" conference in Orlando? It costs $795 if you're already a member or $1,095 if you're not a member. Or, you can bid your way in with all the proceeds going to a number of great charities (American Red Cross, The Prostate Net, Habitat for Humanity, Electronic Frontier Foundation, etc.). WOMMA is auctioning 20 passes on eBay and right now the bids are well below the prices quoted above. To learn more about the charity auction visit this page on the WOMMA website.

I just put in a bid for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As a WOMMA Advisory Board member I won't need the pass if I win it so I'm happy to give it to someone who wouldn't otherwise be able to go. I'll know in a couple days and will provide an update on my blog.

Also, I'll be releasing a summary report from my latest research project on the practical benefits of disclosure in organized word-of-mouth marketing programs. The title of my report will be "To Tell Or Not To Tell? Assessing the Practical Benefits of Disclosure for Word-of-Mouth Marketing Agents and Their Conversational Partners." More details in the days to come...